Table of Contents
   Acknowledgmentsp. vii
   A Behind-the-Scenes Introduction to the New "Life Code"p. xi
   The Real-World "Bad Guys": How to Spot and Defeat Themp. 1
      Life Is a Game: Be a Player or Be Playedp. 3
      Who Are These People?p. 31
      The "Bad Guys"/"BAITER" Secret Playbookp. 65
         A Personal Note from Dr. Phil to the BAITERs Among Usp. 100
   The New "Life Code" and Rules for Winning in the Real Worldp. 103
      Stop Being a Targetp. 105
      Your New "Life Code" Playbookp. 135
      Taking the Mystery Out of Negotiation-and Negotiating the Non-negotiablep. 183
      Parenting in the Real Worldp. 213
      Conclusionp. 243