Table of Contents
   List of Illustrations
   Foreword: What's all the noise about?
   Introduction: Reggaeton's Socio-Sonic Circuitry
   Mapping Reggaeton
      From Música Negra to Reggaeton Latino: The Cultural Politics of Nation, Migration, and Commercialization
   The Panamanian Connection
      Placing Panama in the Reggaeton Narrative: Editor's Notes
      Reggae in Panama: Bien Tough
      The Panamanian Origins of Reggae in Español: Seeing History through "Los Ojos Café" of Renato
      Muévelo (Move It!): From Panama to New York and Back Again, the Story of El General
   (Trans)Local Studies and Ethnographies
      Policing Morality, Mano Dura Stylee: The Case of Underground Rap and Reggae in Puerto Rico in the Mid-1990s
      Dominicans in the Mix: Reflections on Dominican Identity, Race, and Reggaeton
      The Politics of Dancing: Reggaetón and Rap in Havana
      You Got Your Reggaetón in my Hip-Hop: Crunkiao and "Spanish Music" in the Miami Urban Scene
   Visualizing Reggaeton
      Visualizing Reggaeton: Editors' Notes
   Gendering Reggaeton (W)rapped in Foil: Glory at Twelve Words a Minute
      A Man Lives Here: Reggaeton's Hypermasculine Resident
      How to Make Love with Your Clothes On: Dancing Regeton, Gender, and Sexuality in Cuba
   Reggaeton's Poetics, Politics, and Aesthetics
      Chamaco's Corner / Gallego
      Salon Philosophers: Ivy Queen and Surprise Guests Take Reggaetón Aside
      From Hip-Hop to Reggaeton: Is There Only a Step?
      Black Pride
      Poetry of Filth: The (Post) Reggaetonic Lyrics of Calle 13
   Bibliography: Selected Sources for Reading Reggaeton