Table of Contents
   Introductionp. ix
   What Is a Refinance?p. 1
      Refinancing Your Home Loanp. 2
      Types of Refinance Mortgagesp. 11
      Rescission Periodp. 18
   Why Refinance?p. 21
      When to Refinance into a Different Ratep. 22
      Refinancing the Termp. 28
      Adjusting the Term to Fit Your Paymentp. 33
      Reasons to Refinancep. 35
      When Not to Refinancep. 51
      The Refinance Process in Reviewp. 54
      Refinance Loans and Escrow/Impound Accountsp. 57
   Finding the Best Lenderp. 61
      Mortgages: A Commodities Marketp. 61
      Who's Who in the Mortgage Processp. 64
      Banker, Broker, or Correspondent?p. 68
      Where Not to Look for a Mortgage Lenderp. 74
      Comparing Loan Choicesp. 77
      The Subprime Nightmarep. 87
   Finding the Best Loan Officerp. 91
      What Exactly Is a Loan Officer, Anyway?p. 91
      Seven Questions to Ask Your Loan Officerp. 94
      Loan Officer Compensationp. 98
      Qualities of a Good Loan Officerp. 99
      Changing Loan Officersp. 102
   Finding the Best Interest Ratep. 107
      Small Changes, Big Changesp. 107
      Why Inflation Kills Economiesp. 109
      Mortgage Rates and Economic Factorsp. 112
      Rate Shoppingp. 121
      Rate Locksp. 127
   How to Save on Closing Costsp. 139
      Lender Feesp. 139
      Nonlender Feesp. 140
      Negotiating Closing Costsp. 145
      Origination Charges and Discount Pointsp. 152
      The No-Closing-Cost Refinancep. 153
   Predatory Lending, Loan Fraud, and Bad Guysp. 163
      What Is a Predatory Lender?p. 163
      Prepayment Penaltiesp. 168
      Bad Guysp. 170
      Loan Fraudp. 173
   Epiloguep. 177
   Glossaryp. 179
   Monthly Payment Tablesp. 201
   Indexp. 207