Table of Contents
   Prefacep. ix
   Introduction: Witold Lutoslawski's Life and Musicp. xiii
   On Beauty, Musical Form, Compositional Technique, and Perceptionp. 1
      On Beautyp. 1
      Notes on the Construction of Large-Scale Formsp. 2
      Problems of Musical Formp. 12
      Pitch, the Interval, and Harmonic Aggregatep. 21
      Some Problems in the Area of Rhythmp. 26
      Aleatorismp. 41
      About the Element of Chance in Musicp. 48
      Rhythm and Organization of Pitch in Composing Techniques Employing a Limited Element of Chancep. 55
      Tonal Systemp. 70
      Seminar on Instrumentationp. 72
      Theory and Practice in the Work of the Composerp. 82
      Reflecting upon the Art of Composingp. 87
      The Composer and the Listenerp. 89
      Some Thoughts on the Perception of Musicp. 92
      Sound Languagep. 95
   On His Own Worksp. 103
      Comments on Early Works (1934-1954)p. 103
      Concerto for Orchestra (1950-1954)p. 107
      Five Songs to Poems of Kazimiera Illakowicz (1956-1957)p. 109
      Musique funebre (1954-1958): Improvisations on a Given Themep. 110
      Jeux venitiens (1961)p. 114
      Trois poemes d'Henri Michaux (1961-1963)p. 115
      String Quartet (1964)p. 117
      Paroles tissees (1965)p. 123
      Symphony No. 2 (1965-1966)p. 131
      Cello Concerto (1969-1970)p. 148
      Preludes and Fugue (1970-1972)p. 152
      Les espaces du sommeil (1975)p. 160
      Sacher Variation (1975)p. 167
      Mi-parti (1975-1976)p. 168
      Double Concerto (1979-1980)p. 176
      Symphony No. 3 (1972-1983)p. 177
      Chain 1 (1983)p. 184
      Partita (1984)p. 185
      Chain 2 (1984-1985)p. 185
      Piano Concerto (1987-1988)p. 186
      Chantefleurs et chantefables (1989-1990)p. 187
   On Composers and Musiciansp. 189
      On J. S. Bachp. 189
      On W. A. Mozartp. 190
      On Beethoven and Bartokp. 190
      On Messiaenp. 191
      On Ravelp. 192
      On Roussel's Symphony No. 3p. 193
      On Shostakovichp. 197
      On Sibeliusp. 199
      On Stravinskyp. 204
      On Webernp. 204
      On Chopinp. 205
      On Grazyna Bacewiczp. 206
      On Grzegorz Fitelbergp. 210
      On Witold Maliszewskip. 217
      On Constantin Regameyp. 220
      On Michal Spisakp. 223
      On Karol Szymanowskip. 224
      On Hermann Abendrothp. 228
      On Anne-Sophie Mutterp. 229
   Miscellaneous Items on Contemporary Music in Poland and Abroadp. 231
      Opening Address at the General Assembly of the Polish Composers' Union (1957)p. 231
      Reflections on the ISCM Festival of Contemporary Music in Rome (1959)p. 232
      About Radio (1959)p. 236
      Reflections on Ballet (1962)p. 237
      Is This Music? (1963)p. 238
      Sounds in No Matter What Scale (1971)p. 242
      Reflections on the Future of Music (1972)p. 244
      Today's Momentp. 247
      The London Sinfonietta (1973)p. 248
      Conducting the London Sinfonietta (1973)p. 249
      On the Occasion of the Twentieth Warsaw Autunm (1976)p. 250
      The Philharmonia of My Youth (1976)p. 252
      Speech at the Twenty-first General Assembly of Polish Composers' Union Meeting (1981)p. 255
      About the Issue of Truth in a Work of Art (1981)p. 257
      One Hundredth Anniversary of Parsifal (1982)p. 261
      An Answer to Young Composers (1987)p. 262
      Music Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow (1983)p. 263
      An Attitude toward French Culturep. 270
      On Silencep. 271
   Occasional Speechesp. 273
      On the Hundredth Anniversary of the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Viennap. 273
      To the Forty-sixth Graduating Class of the Cleveland Institute of Music, 1971p. 275
      On Receiving an Honorary Doctorate from Warsaw University, 1973p. 281
      On Receiving Honorary Membership in the Royal Academy of Music, 1976p. 282
      On Receiving an Honorary Doctorate from the Nicolaus Copernicus University, 1980p. 283
      On Receiving the Siemens Prize from the Ernst von Siemens Foundation, 1983p. 284
      On Receiving an Honorary Doctorate from Jagiellonian University, 1984p. 285
      On Receiving an Honorary Doctorate from the Warsaw Academy of Music, 1988p. 286
      On Receiving the Polar Music Prize in Stockholm, 1993p. 287
      On Receiving the Kyoto Prize, October 1993p. 288
   Notebook of Ideas, 1959-1984p. 291
   Select Bibliographyp. 331
   Name and Title Indexp. 339
   About the Editorp. 347