Table of Contents
   Introduction: National Honor/Public Mythology: The Passing of Rosa Parksp. vii
   "A Life History of Being Rebellious": The Early Years of Rosa McCauley Parksp. 1
   "It Was Very Difficult to Keep Going When All Our Work Seemed to Be in Vain": The Civil Rights Movement before the Bus Boycottp. 17
   "I Had Been Pushed As Far As I Could Stand to Be Pushed": Rosa Parks's Bus Standp. 46
   "There Lived a Great People": The Montgomery Bus Boycottp. 72
   "It Is Fine to Be a Heroine but the Price Is High": The Suffering of Rosa Parksp. 116
   "The Northern Promised Land That Wasn't": Rosa Parks and the Black Freedom Struggle in Detroitp. 165
   "Any Move to Show We Are Dissatisfied": Mrs. Parks in the Black Power Erap. 201
   Conclusion: "Racism Is Still Alive": Negotiating the Politics of Being a Symbolp. 233
   Acknowledgmentsp. 245
   Notesp. 248
   Indexp. 296