Table of Contents
   Prefacep. v
   Making Work a Crimep. 1
      Merry Christmas. You're firedp. 1
      How the Housekeepers Saw Itp. 8
      The Smithfield Raids: Overt Union-Bustingp. 12
   Why Did We Come?p. 23
      Flight from Oaxacap. 23
      Battles in the Minesp. 33
   Displacement and Migrationp. 51
      Forcing People into the Migrant Streamp. 51
      The Sensenbrenner Family Businessp. 64
      Migrant Labor: An Indispensable Part of a Global Systemp. 70
      The Profitability of Undocumented Laborp. 77
   Fast Track to the Pastp. 83
      Not Enough Workers!p. 83
      Modern-day Bracerosp. 92
      How Corporations Won the Debate on Immigration Reformp. 105
   Which Side Are You On?p. 119
      Paolo Freire on LA's Mean Streetsp. 119
      Los Angeles: Class War's Ground Zerop. 129
      The Story of Ana Martinezp. 136
      Immigration Enforcement Becomes a Weapon to Stop Unionsp. 142
      Operation Vanguardp. 147
      Immigrant Workers Ask Labor: "Which Side Are You On?"p. 153
   Blacks Plus Immigrants Plus Unions Equals Powerp. 167
      Mississippi Battlegroundp. 167
      Katrina: Window on a Nightmarep. 179
      The Common Ground of Jobs and Rightsp. 183
      Remedy the Past's Injusticep. 189
      People in the Streets Want Morep. 193
   Illegal People or Illegal Work?p. 199
      Illegal Means Not European and Not Whitep. 200
      Fighting Second-Class Statusp. 209
      Silicon Valley's High-Tech Sweatshopsp. 214
      "What Future for Our Children?"p. 222
   Whose New World Order?p. 233
      High Skills and Low Salariesp. 233
      From Guest Worker to German Citizenp. 238
      Suppressing Asylum Seekers While Promoting "Managed Migration"p. 243
      Mode 4 and the UN Convention on the Rights of Migrantsp. 246
      Transnational Communities: A New Definition of Citizenshipp. 250