Table of Contents
   Introductionp. 1
   The Woman in the Chameleon Dress: Visual Illusions and Magicp. 7
   The Secret of the Bending Spoon: Why Magicians Watch Their Anglesp. 26
   The Brother Who Faked a Dome: Visual Illusions in Art and Sciencep. 42
   Welcome to the Show but Please Leave On Your Blinders: Cognitive Illusionsp. 55
   The Gorilla in Your Midst: More Cognitive Illusionsp. 75
   The Ventriloquist's Secret: Multisensory Illusionsp. 96
   The Indian Rope Trick: Memory Illusionsp. 110
   Expectation and Assumption: How Magicians Make ASSes of U and MEp. 135
   May the Force Be with You: The Illusion of Choicep. 160
   Why Magic Wands Work: Illusory Correlations, Superstition, Hypnosis, and Flimflamp. 188
   The Magic Castlep. 215
   Will the Magic Go Away?p. 241
   Epiloguep. 260
   Notesp. 263
   Acknowledgmentsp. 275
   Indexp. 281