Table of Contents
   Introduction: The Coming Artificial Invention Agep. 1
   Automating Invention
      A Prehistory of Geniesp. 15
      Enter the Universal Machinep. 29
      The Rise of Wishesp. 37
      Artificial Invention Todayp. 51
      Invention Automation: Old and Newp. 62
      Humans and Their Tools: Partners in Inventionp. 86
   Regulating Genies
      Patenting Artificial Inventionsp. 97
      Follow the Valuep. 113
      Free the Genie, Bottle the Wishp. 137
      The Limits of Law in a World of Geniesp. 157
   Living with Genies
      Learning How to Wishp. 177
      Competing with Geniesp. 191
      Advising Aladdinp. 201
      A Genie in Every Homep. 211
   Acknowledgmentsp. 219
   Notesp. 225
   Indexp. 263