Table of Contents
   Preface: My Story: From Fat Boy to Fat-Loss Expertp. ix
         Fat-Burning Secrets of the Leanest People in the Worldp. 3
         Why Diets Fail and Why This Plan Won'tp. 14
         Understanding Your Body Type and Customizing Your Planp. 29
   The L.E.A.N. Plan of Action
      Establish Your Baselinep. 51
         Measuring Body Compositionp. 53
         Tracking Progress: The Feedback Loop System That Won't Let You Failp. 69
      Learn: Mental Training (The 1st Element)p. 87
         Setting Goals and Training Your Mindp. 88
      Eat: Nutrition (The 2nd Element)p. 115
         Understanding Caloriesp. 116
         Balance Your Macronutrientsp. 135
         Good Fats, Bad Fatsp. 152
         Protein, the Muscle Builder and Metabolic Stimulatorp. 168
         Clearing Up Carbohydrate Confusionp. 182
         Hydrate Like an Athlete and Burn More Fatp. 199
         Nutrient Timingp. 215
         The Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle Meal Planning Systemp. 234
      Activate: Cardio Training (The 3rd Element)p. 258
         Maximize Your Fat Loss with Cardio Trainingp. 259
      New Body: Weight Training (The 4th Element)p. 284
         Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle Weight Training: The Principlesp. 285
         Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle Weight Training: The Programp. 304
      The Next Level: Advanced Strategiesp. 323
         Breaking Plateausp. 324
         How to Accelerate Your Fat Lossp. 339
   Appendix-Extra Toolsp. 359
      Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle Progress Chartp. 361
      Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle Goal-Setting Worksheetp. 362
      The Goal-Achieving Formula Checklistp. 363
      Calorie Worksheetp. 364
      Calorie and Macronutrient Quick Reference Chartsp. 367
      Grams of Fat Daily Chartp. 373
      Grams of Protein Daily Chartp. 374
      Grams of Carbs Daily Chartp. 375
   Acknowledgmentsp. 376
   Online Resourcesp. 378
   Indexp. 379