Table of Contents
   Prefacep. ix
   Earning Money
      Facts About The Money In Your Walletp. 3
      Do You Get An Allowance?p. 19
      Jobs For Teensp. 23
      Finding A Summer Job Or Intershipp. 31
      Want To Be Your Own Boss?p. 37
      Tax Information For Studentsp. 51
   Managing Your Money
      Making Your Money Growp. 67
      Preparing A Budgetp. 77
      Banking Basicsp. 85
      Electronic Bankingp. 93
      Avoiding Costly Banking Mistakesp. 101
      Managing Your Savings Accountp. 113
      What You Should Know About Checking Accountsp. 121
      Insurance: Protecting Your Assetsp. 145
      Another Good Use Of Your Money: Helping Othersp. 153
   Being A Savvy Consumer
      Shopping And Impulse Buyingp. 165
      It's On Sale, But Is It A Good Deal?p. 171
      Online Shopping: A Guide For E-Consumersp. 179
      Payment Options For Purchasesp. 183
      Facts For Consumers: How To Right A Wrongp. 191
      What You Should Know About Warranties And Service Contractsp. 201
      Shopping For A Cell Phone Planp. 215
      Buying A Computerp. 221
      Buying Jewelryp. 229
      Buying Your First Carp. 237
      CD, Book, And Video Buying Clubsp. 243
   Using Credit And Credit Cards
      What You Need To Know About Creditp. 253
      Borrowing Basicsp. 273
      Choosing A Credit Cardp. 283
      Other Plastic: Debit Cards, Prepaid Cards, Gift Cards, And Morep. 295
      Installment Loansp. 301
      Car Loansp. 305
      Education Loansp. 309
   Avoiding Financial Pitfalls
      Avoid Out-Of-Control Debtp. 321
      Watch Out For Predatory Lending Practicesp. 329
      If Your Credit, ATM, Or Debit Cards Are Lost Or Stolenp. 337
      Identity Theft And Identity Fraudp. 341
      Con Artists Want Your Money: Avoid These Scams And Schemesp. 351
      Avoid Modeling Scamsp. 373
      Travel Fraud: Avoiding A Spring Break Bustp. 377
      Gambling: Don't Bet On Winningp. 385
   If You Need More Information
      Online Money Management Toolsp. 391
      Resources For Financial Informationp. 397
   Indexp. 409