Table of Contents
   Acknowledgmentsp. ix
   Introductionp. xi
   Understanding Your Strong-Willed Childp. 1
   How Strong-Willed Children Learn Your Rulesp. 30
   How Parents Teach their Rulesp. 50
   Are Your Limits Firm or Soft?p. 87
   The Family Dancep. 111
   How to Be Clear With Your Wordsp. 144
   Stopping Power Struggles Before they Beginp. 153
   Supporting Your Rules with Logical Consequencesp. 177
   Managing the Resistance You'll Likely Encounterp. 225
   Motivating Your Child to Cooperatep. 253
   Teaching Skills: Showing them Works Bestp. 268
   Patience: The Remedy for Anger and Frustrationp. 294
   Understanding the Change Processp. 310
   Suggested Readingp. 321
   Indexp. 323