Table of Contents
   Acknowledgmentsp. xiii
   Introduction: Goodbye, Debt-Hello, Freedom!p. 1
   Who Put America into Debt-and How You Can Get Yourself Outp. 13
   Debt Math: How Lenders Keep You Brokep. 25
   The Debt Free For Life Mindsetp. 33
   If You're in a Hole, Stop Diggingp. 47
   The DOLPĀ® Method: How to Pay Down Your Debt in Record Timep. 53
   Get Out of Debt Automatically with Debt Wisep. 69
   Negotiate Your Debt Down: How to Lower the Interest Rates on Your Credit Cardsp. 83
   Your Credit Report and Score: What It Is and How to Fix It Fastp. 101
   Mortgage Debt: How to Protect Your Home and Pay Off Your Mortgage Earlyp. 123
   The Student Loan Diet: Nine Great Ways to Crush Your Student Debt and Sleep Well at Nightp. 141
   Erase Your Debt with Three Simple Words: "Time-Barred Debt"p. 159
   How to Get Non-Profit Credit Counseling-and a Professional to Guide You Out of Debtp. 175
   Debt Settlement: Solution or Scam?p. 193
   How Bankruptcy Works, When to Use It, How Long It Will Take You to Recoverp. 209
   Make It Automatic! The Automatic Millionaire 2.0p. 229
   Find the Money! 7 Simple Ways to Find Hundreds of Dollars (Maybe Thousands) in Less Than an Hourp. 235
   A Final Wordp. 255
   Indexp. 264