Table of Contents
   The Third Actp. 1
      The Promise: Plan A
      The Promise: Plan B
      Key Point: Eat Less!
      "Up the Revolution!"
      Younger Next Year
      Finding Jen
      "How Come I'm Fat?"
      "Who Are You People?"
      Does This Really Matter?
      The War Zone
      A Program for You
   The Mountain of Slop and Despairp. 17
      Welcome to the Tar Pit
      Back to You and Your Third Act
      The Old Woman of Bogota
      The Upside
      The Context of Your Effort
      The Mountain of Slop and Despair
   Where I'm Coming From and Where You're Goingp. 24
      Why I'm So Passionate
      Who Are You?
      Why Exercise Is the Key Component for Weight Loss: The 101 Version
      What's Food Got to Do with It?
      Good Eating with Exercise
      Junk Food Is Addictive
      Setting a Realistic Weight Goal
      Where Does All the Energy Go?
      It's Worth It!
   Going Deepp. 39
   The Good Stuff: What Happens Inside When You Eat the Right "Mix"p. 47
      How We Use Carbs and Fat
      The Metabolism of Fats
      Energy Storage
   A Day in the Life: Bash Bish Fallsp. 56
      What We Ate
      Back to the Mighty Spin
      Black Ice
      Two More Meals
   The Bad Stuff: What Happens When You Eat Junkp. 69
      The Big Bad Five
      The Consequences of All Bad All the Time
      Concept 1: "Runaway Fats," Sugar, and Insulin Resistance
      Concept 2: Fats and Heart Disease
      Inflammation: The Common Thread
      Diets and Other Fads
      Final Thoughts
   A Day in the Life: A New Relationship with Vegetablesp. 87
      A Quick Row on Twin Lakes
      A New Relationship with Vegetables
      Dinner: What to Do with a Kid's Birthday Party
   The Thinner This Year Eating Planp. 95
      Eat Significantly Fewer Calories
      Eliminate Dead Food
      Keep Your System Going with Steady Fuel
      Make Vegetables and Fruit Account for 50 Percent by Volume of Your Diet
      Make the Other 50 Percent Count
      Don't Drink Your Calories
      A Long List of Great Things to Eat
      Two Weeks and Fourteen Good Meals
   What Do You Say We Drop a Couple of Pounds?p. 124
      The Conceptual Framework: Small Changes Over Time
      How We Got Fat
      Know Yourself: Set Rational Goals
      The 7 Percent Solution
      Now What?
      Eating: Gradual Changes in the Early Weeks
      Sink the Carriers!
      The Bad Carbs Fallacy
      Stupid Eating Tricks
      Make Up Your Mind
   Nutrients: They Make the Body Workp. 133
      The Myth of Perfect Foods
      Nutrients and Metabolism
      Nutrients as "Structure"
      What Key Nutrients Do
      Supplements: A Few Good Ones and a Lot of Expensive Junk!
      Supplements with Special Consideration
      The Balanced Diet of Good Food
   A Day in the Life: In the Land of Dreamy Dreamsp. 152
      The Rapture of the Creep
      In the Land of Dreamy Dreams
      Doubling Down
      Two More Meals
   Exercise: The Magic Bulletp. 158
      Exercise Changes Your Fundamental Physiology for a Much Better You
      Exercise Is Key for Weight Loss-and a Thinner, Healthier You
   A Day in the Life: Intervals, "Periodization," and Kedgesp. 167
      Interval Day 2: A Walk in the Snow
      Interval Day 3: Playing with Girls
   Sports Nutritionp. 177
      Are You Slow-Twitch or Fast-Twitch?
      The Metabolic Pathways
      The Lactate or Anaerobic Threshold
      Metabolic Realities
      When and What to Do with Fuel
      Do You Chow Down After a Workout?
      Hydration Is Key
      Exercise and Free Radicals
      Other Nutrients Important to Exercise
   Aerobic Exercise: The Secret of the Good Lifep. 191
      Putting Exercise into Practice: Meet Bill Fabrocini and Riggs Klika
      Why Aerobics?
      A Teeny Bit Boring
      Recovery Rate
   The How-To of Aerobic Exercisep. 200
      Two Views of Aerobics
      Long and Slow: The Details
      The Workout
      The Mythical "Fat-Burning Zone"
      Mix It Up and Enjoy It
      The Endurance Zone
      The Rich Hours
      Going Hard for Fitness
      The "Hockey Stick": Moving the Lactate or Anaerobic Threshold
      Two Great Rules of Interval Training
      A Formal Interval Regimen
      Four Interval Days
      Fast-Twitch and Slow-Twitch: Alive in the Hills
   Muscle as the Grand Negotiator of Body Signalsp. 218
      Muscles Send Signals
      The Tide of Aging
      Muscle Gulps Up Sugar
      Muscle Over Insulin
      Healthy Muscle Burns More Fat
      Healthy Muscle Is Anti-Inflammatory
      The Biggest Payoff of All
      Just a Little More Good News
   The Astonishing Importance of Strength Trainingp. 226
      A Personal Note
      Quality of Life
      We Live in Glass Boxes
   Train Movements, Not Muscles: Whole-Body Movement and the Three Little Pigsp. 233
      The New Model
      Life and Movement in Three Dimensions
      Signaling in Three Dimensions
      A Special Blessing for Those Who Rot!
      Boomers and the Shrinking Margin for Error in Movement
      The Three Little Pigs and the Importance of Posture
      Geologic Forces
      Built Like a Brick House
      What Is Good Posture?
      Things Going Wrong
      Critical Lesson: Do Not Bend, Lift, and Twist with Your Back
      Last One: Heads-Up!
      Don't Slouch!
      A Word to Athletes: Good Posture Is Stronger
   The Warm-Up, or "Preparation for Movement"p. 247
      No Special Toys Required
      One Size Does Not Fit All
      The Warm-Up: A Quick Intro
      General Rules
      On Your Back
      On Your Stomach
      Side Lie
      On All Fours
   A Day in the Life: A Cold Day in Hellp. 269
      Lunges Count
      The Day Five Miracle
      What We Ate
   The Twenty-Five Sacred Exercisesp. 274
      Why Range of Motion Matters
      General Rules for All Exercises
      Don't Make Yourself Nuts
      A Word About Intensity and Difficulty
      Don't Try to Do All of These from the Get-Go
      The Twenty-Five Sacred Exercises
      The Weight Loss Side of Strength Training
      The Rhythm of These Sessions
      What About Static Stretching?
   The Third Element in the Third Act: General Grant, Scott Fitzgerald, and the Need to "Care, Connect, and Commit"p. 317
      The Limbic Brain
      Orienting Idea: Relationships Trump Jobs
      Walter, the Homicide Cop
      Wetting the Felt… Being You
      You're Not on Vacation
      Living More Than One Life
      The Other Side of Your Brain
      Get Over
      Yourself, At Least Your False Self' Take Control
      The Gifts of Women
      Your Lines Out Early
      Keeping Your Lines Out All Your Life
      Ranie and the
      Great Kedge
      Full House
      The Old Girl on 57th Street with the Four-Footed
      The Recap: The Three-Legged Stool
   A Day in the Life: Victory Lapp. 333
   Jen's Rulesp. 339
   Other Stuffp. 340
   Indexp. 343