Table of Contents
   Introductionp. l
   January: Take Controlp. 9
      Uncover the Origins of Your Relationship with Moneyp. 11
      Clean Out What You Carryp. 16
      Streamline Your Home Office Spacep. 21
      Set Up a Financial File Systemp. 27
   February: Assess Your Financesp. 35
      Pay Your Bills on Timep. 37
      Determine Your Income and Fixed Expensesp. 42
      Determine Your Variable Expensesp. 45
      Take a Fresh Look at Your Expensesp. 47
   March: Get Ready for Taxesp. 52
      Decide Which Documents to Savep. 53
      Stop the Paper Stacksp. 56
      Prepare Your Tax Returnsp. 59
      Signed, Sealed, Deliveredp. 64
   April: Spend Less, Save Morep. 68
      Reduce Your Expensesp. 70
      Harness Your Marketabilityp. 79
      Working with Your Budgetp. 84
      Banking Made Brighterp. 86
   May: Borrow Smartp. 92
      Lower Your Cost of Creditp. 94
      Curb Credit Card Spendingp. 98
      Reduce and Rejoicep. 102
      Protect Your Identityp. 104
   June: Build a Nest Eggp. 108
      Establish a Retirement Planp. 110
      Calculate How Much You Need to Savep. 114
      Assess How Much Risk You Can Affordp. 116
      Max Out Where It Paysp. 120
   July: Make Long-Range Financial Plansp. 124
      Decide Whether You Need a Financial Advisorp. 126
      Maintain Your Portfoliop. 130
      Draw Up a Will and Trustp. 134
      Review Your Beneficiary Formsp. 140
   August: Refinance and Downsize Optionsp. 143
      Look for Downsizing Opportunitiesp. 145
      Clear the Clutter, Room by Roomp. 154
      Hold a Yard Salep. 160
      Determine If You Should Refinancep. 165
   September: Children and Moneyp. 173
      Frugality for Parentsp. 175
      Educate Your Children about Moneyp. 180
      Save for Collegep. 183
      How Your Child Can Contributep. 188
   October: Protect Your Assetsp. 193
      Medical Insurancep. 195
      Homeowner's and Renter's Policiesp. 202
      Disability and Long-Term Care Coveragep. 205
      Planes, Trains, and Automobilesp. 208
   November: The Season for Sane Spendingp. 212
      Holiday Budgetp. 214
      Gift-Givingp. 217
      Family Gatheringsp. 225
      Holiday Travelp. 229
   December: Year-End Money Movesp. 234
      Tasks for Every Decemberp. 236
      Tax-Loss Harvestingp. 238
      Charitable Givingp. 240
      Move Smoothly into the Futurep. 243
   Acknowledgmentsp. 249
   Resourcesp. 251
   Indexp. 259