Table of Contents
   Forewordp. vii
   The Rise of Adolf Hitler
      Birth of the Third Reichp. 17
      Birth of the Nazi Partyp. 52
      Versailles, Weimar and the Beer Hall Putschp. 83
      The Mind of Hitler and the Roots of the Third Reichp. 120
   Triumph and Consolidation
      The Road to Power: 1925-31p. 167
      The Last Days of the Republic: 1931-33p. 211
      The Nazification of Germany: 1933-34p. 263
      Life in the Third Reich: 1933-37p. 320
   The Road to War
      The First Steps: 1934-37p. 385
      Strange, Fateful Interlude: The Fall of Blomberg, Fritsch, Neurath and Schachtp. 423
      Anschluss: The Rape of Austriap. 440
      The Road to Munichp. 485
      Czechoslovakia Ceases to Existp. 578
      The Turn of Polandp. 612
      The Nazi-Soviet Pactp. 685
      The Last Days of Peacep. 726
      The Launching of World War IIp. 791
   War: Early Victories and the Turning Point
      The Fall of Polandp. 827
      Sitzkrieg in the Westp. 838
      The Conquest of Denmark and Norwayp. 889
      Victory in the Westp. 939
      Operation Sea Lion: The Thwarted Invasion of Britainp. 996
      Barbarossa: The Turn of Russiap. 1040
      A Turn of the Tidep. 1117
      The Turn of the United Statesp. 1140
      The Great Turning Point: 1942--Stalingrad and El Alameinp. 1180
   Beginning of the end
      The New Orderp. 1223
      The Fall of Mussolinip. 1293
      The Allied Invasion of Western Europe and the Attempt to Kill Hitlerp. 1316
   The Fall of the Third Reich
      The Conquest of Germanyp. 1409
      Goetterdaemmerung: The Last Days of the Third Reichp. 1437
   A Brief Epiloguep. 1480
   Notesp. 1487
   Acknowledgementsp. 1527
   Bibliographyp. 1533
   Indexp. 1549