Table of Contents
   Prologuep. vii
   The Biotech Revolution: (Engineering Life For Fun and Profit)p. 3
      A brief introduction to the field that will fundamentally change you, and soon.
   Cloning and You: (and You, and You, and à)p. 19
      What is this "clone" of which you speak?
   Common Misconceptions about Cloning and Biotechnology: (Popular Culture Is a Poor Teacher)p. 51
      Various affronts to biology and common sense in print or in film, and why they are all bollocks.
   Bioenhancements: (Self-Improvement That Really Works!)p. 73
      The human body as a unique fixer-upper opportunity.
   A Starter Kit for Playing God: (Fiddling with Lower Life-Forms)p. 117
      Frankenfood, human bits grown in plants and animals, and other alternatives to obscene breeding practices.
   How to Defeat Your Own Clone: (and Look Good Doing It)p. 139
      How to circumvent and defeat you if you and you aren't getting along as well as you would like.
   Epiloguep. 179
   Acknowledgmentsp. 181