Table of Contents
   The Beginningp. ix
   The Sciencep. 1
         Three Forces
      Do the Mathp. 3
         Uncovering the Forces That Drive the Plateau Effect
      Going Flatp. 24
         The First Plateau Force
      The Greedy Algorithmp. 50
         The Second Plateau Force
      Bad Timingp. 75
         The Third Plateau Force
   The Enginep. 103
         Building Your Approach
      Flow Mechanismsp. 105
         Step Functions, Choke Points, and Mystery Ingredients
      Distortion Mechanismsp. 129
         Navigating Bad Data and Other Tricks of the Plateau
   The Achievementp. 161
         Peak Behaviors
      Attentionp. 163
         The First Action
      Agilityp. 193
         The Second Action
      Applicationp. 215
         The Third Action
   The Endingp. 251
   Appendix: The Eight Elements of Plateausp. 257
   Notesp. 263
   Acknowledgmentsp. 287
   Indexp. 289