Table of Contents
   Introductionp. 1
   A Message from Presidentp. 9
   You Will Find Your Peoplep. 11
   The Life Almost Lostp. 15
   In the Early Morning Rainp. 18
   Something Has Changed Within Mep. 22
   Action Makes It Betterp. 24
   You Are a Rubber Band, My Friendp. 27
   God Believes in Youp. 30
   The Person Worth Fighting For Is Youp. 35
   A Messagep. 38
   Life Unfolds Exactly As It Should (But Not As You Planned)p. 40
   It Gets Better for a British Soldierp. 42
   Getting Stronger and Staying Alivep. 45
   Coming Out of the Shtetl: Gay Orthodox Jewsp. 48
   Going Back Inp. 54
   And the Emmy Goes to …p. 59
   A Message from U.S. Secretary of Statep. 62
   This I Know for Surep. 64
   It Gets Better Broadway by Members of the Broadway and New York Theater Communityp. 67
   Rockin' the Flannel Shirtp. 71
   How It Got Better for an Ordained Christian Ministerp. 74
   Out of Darknessp. 77
   I Was a Teenage Lesbianp. 79
   Something Specialp. 80
   The Dinner Partyp. 82
   What I Wish I Knewp. 87
   Freedom from Fearp. 91
   A Message from Prime Ministerp. 94
   You Will Meet People Who Celebrate Youp. 96
   An Identity Unfoldedp. 99
   A Messagep. 102
   Brothers: It Gets Betterp. 104
   Drop Dead, Warlockp. 110
   Gwendolyn Gonep. 112
   Growing Up Gay …p. 114
   The Biggest Giftp. 117
   A Message from Senatorp. 121
   Transsexual Prairie Girlp. 123
   Art from Ragep. 125
   It Gets Betterp. 127
   Too Good to Be Truep. 130
   Journey to a Better Lifep. 133
   The Gay Guy in the Bandp. 138
   Will I Grow Up to Be Paul Lynde?p. 140
   Finding Who I Amp. 142
   Communityp. 145
   A Messagep. 147
   Gunn's Golden Rulesp. 149
   Perfect, Just the Way You Arep. 151
   Where Happiness Isp. 153
   Not-Normalp. 158
   Born This Wayp. 162
   Darn Itp. 165
   Look at the Moonp. 167
   Critical Shiftsp. 169
   For Aideybearp. 171
   A Messagep. 173
   The Show Must Go Onp. 175
   Survival Toolsp. 177
   Dear Uncle Ronniep. 181
   My Office Wallp. 185
   Keep on Livin'p. 187
   It Gets Better Because You're a Little Differentp. 189
   Unapologetically, Mep. 192
   A Collective Voicep. 195
   I Didn't Always Wear a Tuxedop. 201
   How I Got Overp. 205
   A ôBetterö Evolutionp. 208
   Save Yourself, Save the Worldp. 211
   Becoming an Authentic Personp. 213
   On the Other Sidep. 215
   Bully Mep. 218
   To the Bulliesp. 220
   The Good Fightp. 223
   A Messagep. 226
   Haters Can't Hate Someone Who Loves Themselves, and if They Do, Who Caresp. 228
   Not Playing at a Cinema Near Youp. 232
   From ôFaggotö to Field Biologistp. 235
   It Got Betterp. 238
   Our Parents as Alliesp. 240
   Lesbian Teacher Believes in Youp. 243
   Stepping Off the Sidelinesp. 245
   My Own Worst Enemyp. 248
   You Are a Beloved Child of Godp. 254
   Transgendered and Self-Educated in Mainep. 256
   The Power of ôYouöp. 261
   It Gets Better for Small Towners, Toop. 264
   To Me: With Love and Squalorp. 267
   Happiness Is Inevitablep. 271
   I Wish I'd Been Sassier!p. 273
   Protect and Serve Loves Semper Fidelisp. 275
   The Doors of Acceptancep. 279
   Hope Out of Tragedyp. 282
   Patience Makes Perfect … Sensep. 287
   Christian LGBT Kids: You're Part of the Planp. 289
   Terrible Dayp. 291
   The Worst of Both Worldsp. 294
   Closets on Firep. 297
   The King Brothersp. 300
   Community Foundp. 303
   From Scared to Proud: The Journey of a Gay Medical Studentp. 307
   Authentic Selfp. 310
   You Can Live a Life That's Worth Livingp. 312
   Epiloguep. 315
   Acknowledgmentsp. 319
      Some Curriculum Guidelines for Schools and Teachersp. 321
      The Trevor Projectp. 325
      GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network)p. 327
      ACLU LGBT Projectp. 329
      Photo and Comic Creditsp. 331
      Permissionsp. 333