Table of Contents
   Introduction: Check in with the Control Tower
   The Nut Behind the wheel: Behavioral Finance in One Lesson
   Wall Street Therapy: For Good and For Evil
   How Not to Invest: Kids, Don't Try This at Home
   How to Invest: It's Not as Fun as it Used to Be
   The Holy Grail of Investing: Having Your Cake and Eating It Too
   Bulletproofing Your Investments: A Recipe for Setting Up Your Tangent Portfolios
   Pulling the Trigger: Practicing Portfolio Management at Home for Fun and Profit
   Become the CEO of You, Inc.: Get Wise, Get Smart, Get (Further) Educated
   Human Capital 411: Your Personal Human Potential Movement
   Save 'Til You Drop: Topping off Your Piggy Bank
   Houses of Blues: Welcome to the Neighborhood of Poverty
   Can You Still Retire Comfortably?: Retirement Was Overrated Anyway
   The End Game: "If Something Cannot Go on Forever, It Will Stop"
   So Long, Farewell
   About the Authors