Table of Contents
   Getting Ready to Write Fiction
      Fiction Writing Basics
      What Makes a Great Story?
      Finding Your Audience and Category
      Four Ways to Write a Great Novel
      Managing Your Time . . . and Yourself
   Creating Compelling Fiction
      Building Your Story World: The Setting for Your Story
      Creating Compelling Characters
      Storyline and Three-Act Structure: The Top Layers of Your Plot
      Synopsis, Scene List, and Scene: Your Middle Layers of Plot
      Action, Dialogue, and More: The Lowest Layer of Your Plot
      Thinking Through Your Theme
   Editing and Polishing Your Story and Characters
      Analyzing Your Characters
      Scrutinizing Your Story Structure
      Editing Your Scenes for Structure
      Editing Your Scenes for Content
   Getting Published
      Getting Ready to Sell Your Book: Polishing and Submitting
      Approaching Agents and Editors
   The Part of Tens
      Ten Steps to Analyzing Your Story
      Ten Reasons Novels Are Rejected