Table of Contents
      It All Starts with Saving
      First Do No Harm
      Start Saving Early: Time Is Money
      The Amazing Rule of 72
      Savvy Savings
      Small Savings Tips
      Big Ways to Save
      Let the Government Help You Save
      Own Your Home
      How Do I Catch Up?
      Nobody Knows More Than the Market
      The Index Fund Solution
      Don't Some
      Beat the Market?
      Index Bonds
      Index Internationally
      Index Funds Have Big Advantages
      One Warning
      Diversify Across Asset Classes
      Diversify Across Markets
      Diversify Over Time
   Avoid Blunders
      Beware of Mr. Market
      The Penalty of Timing
      More Mistakes
      Minimize Costs
   Keep It Simple
      Review of Basic Rules
      Asset Allocation
      Asset Allocation Ranges
      Investing in Retirement
      KISS Investing
      A Super Simple Summary
   Appendix: Save on Taxes Legally
      Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)
      Roth IRAs
      Pension Plans
      Tax-Advantaged Saving for Education
      Recommended Reading
   About the Authors