Table of Contents
   Acknowledgmentsp. vii
   Introductionp. ix
   Cast of Charactersp. xi
   Angelo Speaks, the Worldwide Contagion Beginsp. 1
   The Repo Man Meets the Bald Granny: A Short History of Subprimep. 23
   The Death of the Bailey Building and Loan, the Rise of Millionaire Loan Brokers and Countrywidep. 47
   The Beach Boys of B&C: How Roland Arnall Became the Johnny Appleseed of Subprimep. 73
   Angelo Rising: The Son of a Bronx Butcher Makes Goodp. 103
   The Holy Roller of REITsp. 127
   The End of the (New) Centuryp. 149
   A Conspiracy by Merrill?p. 179
   A Warning from Lewie: CDOs, SIVs, and Other Things No One Understandsp. 205
   Deep in the Belly of the Bearp. 227
   Armageddon Times: The Tan Man Departs, Bye-Bye Bearp. 249
   What the Hell Happened? Ten Bad Years for Housing in Americap. 277
   Afterword: We Buried (Some of) Our Garbage Overseasp. 305
   Source and Interview Notesp. 309
   Glossaryp. 319
   About the Authorsp. 327
   Indexp. 329