Table of Contents
   Acknowledgmentsp. ix
   Introduction: You Are Not Alone: America in Foreclosurep. xi
   Don't Ignore the Warning Signs: How to Get past Denial, Deal with the Stress and Embarrassment, and Take Action to Save Your Home and Familyp. 1
   The Foreclosure Time Clock: Why It's Much Better to Act Sooner than Laterp. 17
   How to Handle Collection Calls: Why You Should Talk to Your Lender First, What to Say, and What Questions to Askp. 29
   Too Much Month at the End of the Money: How to Prioritize Your Spending and Where to Cut Expensesp. 37
   Negotiate with Your Lender to Win/Win: Walk Away, Sell, or Sacrifice to Savep. 47
   Use the Law to Fight Foreclosure: Legal Defensesp. 55
   Using Bankruptcy to Save Your Homep. 67
   How to Sell to Avoid Foreclosure and Save Your Credit Even if You Owe More than Your Home Is Worthp. 79
   How to Find Legitimate Help and Avoid Foreclosure Rescue Scamsp. 97
   Options for Real Estate Investors Facing Foreclosurep. 111
   Life after Foreclosure: What I Learned When It Happened to Mep. 123
   Questions and Answers from HUDp. 131
   Mortgage Workout Notebookp. 137
   Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007p. 141
   News Release from www.hud.orgp. 145
   Glossaryp. 151
   State Foreclosure Procedures Chartp. 199
   About the Authorp. 209
   Indexp. 211