Table of Contents
   Warming Up for Your Foreclosure Fight
      Digging Into and Out of the Foreclosure Hole
      Wrapping Your Brain Around the Foreclosure Process
      Regaining Your Emotional Composure
      Touching Base with Key People Who Can Assist You
      Deciphering Your Mortgage and Other Documents
   Confronting Foreclosure Head On
      Getting a Handle on Your Current Situation
      Sizing Up Your Options and Exit Strategies
      Stopping the Financial Bleeding
      Steering Clear of Quick-Fix Schemes and Scams
   Digging Your Way out of the Foreclosure Pit
      Beating the Foreclosure Rap with Bankruptcy
      Haggling with Your Lender in Pre-Foreclosure
      Borrowing Your Way out of Foreclosure
      Cutting Your Losses: Unloading Your House
      Fiddling While Rome Burns: The Do-Nothing Approach
      Regaining Your Financial Footing after Foreclosure
   The Part of Tens
      Ten Delay Tactics
      Ten Scams and the Scumbags Who Perpetrate Them
      Ten Ways to Rebuild Your Life after Foreclosure