Table of Contents
   Introductionp. ix
   In The Beginningp. 1
      Primitive Predictionsp. 3
         Prediction on the battlefield
         Caveman prediction
         Foibles of the mind
         How our minds are actually prediction machines
         Maintaining humility with a predictive mind
      The Genes in All of Usp. 13
         Ominous behavior at the beginning of life
         Recognizing the tells of autism and doing something about it
         The case of William and his anxious summer at camp
         How a forty-five-minute observation of young children predicts reactive physiology years later
         Biology is not destiny.
      Strange Situations: Growing up in a Thin-Sliced Worldp. 27
         Parks, swings, and observing behavior
         How we become attached
         To be secure or insecure?
         The power of Strange Situations to predict who we are
         Predicting your child's attachment style before she's even born.
   How We Size Up Othersp. 47
      Who Are You Anyway?p. 49
         A photographic personality
         Is it possible to forecast the cognitive chops of someone you just interviewed?
         Seeing goodness in(side) others
         Spotting liars, cheaters, and aggressive people
         When tells go awry.
      The Targets of Our Attractionp. 69
         Gaydar and straightdar
         The science of inferring sexual orientation
         The role of society
         Is it possible to predict sexual orientation?
         Can one conceal sexual orientation?
         The tells of sexual orientation
         The role of nature and nurture
   Love and Liesp. 83
      From Dating to Matingp. 85
         Seeking partners in a modern age with an old brain
         What men's lopsided faces and fancy goods tell as
         What women's faces and figures predict
         Accentuating our evolutionary signals with a scalpel
         Predicting divorce from three minutes of interaction or a photograph
         Smile and live long
      Detecting Deceptionp. 111
         The student who lied after a bathroom break
         Are we good lie detectors?
         Did the bank clerk steal the money?
         Police officers are (just) people too
         The tells of deceit
         Truth wizards and Eyes for Lies
   Making the Grade: Education, Business, and Politicsp. 127
      The Power of Enthusiasmp. 129
         Star teachers and their ways
         It only takes six seconds
         Dr. Ceci's "Enthusiasin Experiment"
         The power of enthusiasm inside the classroom and out
      Catching the Cues of the Cash Cowp. 141
         The God-like status of CEOs
         Is it possible to predict company profits from a CEO's face?
         The neuroscieuce of perception
         Are leaders born or made?
         Identifying and hiring your next sales superstar
      Political Punditry: Any Kid Can Do Itp. 153
         The unnatural state of democracy
         Are we really as rational as we think we are when we vote?
         Lessons from history: Nixon versus Kennedy, and a twelve-year-old's letter to Lincoln
         Predicting elections from a snapshot
         Designing the "perfect" candidate
   Conclusion: The Importance of Predictive Humilityp. 177
   Acknowledgmentsp. 181
   Notesp. 185
   Referencesp. 221
   Creditsp. 255
   Indexp. 257