Table of Contents
   Prelim Pagesp. 1
   The Mechanics of Movementp. 6
      Title; contents; introductionsp. 10
      The Inclined Plane Locks and keys; cutting machines; can opener; plough; zipperp. 18
      Levers includes; lever in action; weighing machines; grand piano; manual typewriter; fighters ladderp. 30
      Wheel And Axle Wheel and axle at work waterwheel; turbine; windmill; wind turbine; dentist's drillp. 36
      Gears and Belts Includes: gear box; mechanical Clocks; differential; lawn sprinkler; cams and cranks; sewing machinep. 54
      Pulleys Chain hoist; counterweights; block and tackle; tower crane; escalator; liftp. 62
      Screws Screws at work; tap; drills and augers; combine harvesterp. 70
      Rotating Wheels Gyroscope, starter motor; roller blind; car seat beltp. 78
      Springs Stapler; car suspensionp. 82
         Friction Clutch; synchromesh; car brakes; oil rig; freedom from friction; perpetual motion
   Harnessing the Elementsp. 90
      Title, Contents, Introductionp. 94
      Floating Submersible; submarine; passenger boat; wind surfer; yacht; airship; hot-air balloonp. 106
      Flying Includes: airplane; airliner wing; helicopter; jump-jet; hydrofoilp. 120
      Pressure Power Includes: pumps; pneumatic drill; hydraulics; power steering; suction; carburetor; fuel injectionp. 142
      Exploiting Heat Includes: heat waves; combustion engines; blast furnace; electric heater; toaster; refrigeratorp. 164
         Nuclear Power Nuclear fission; nuclear fusion; nuclear weapons; fallout; nuclear reactor; fusion power
   Working with Wavesp. 174
      Title, Contents, Introductionp. 178
      Light and Images Includes: lighting; light bulb; mirrors; endoscope; lenses; telescopes; liquid crystals; hologramsp. 198
      Photography Includes: cameras; color photograph; photo booth; movie camera; movie projectorp. 208
      Printing Papermaking; printing plates; printing press; bookbindingp. 218
      Sound and Music Woodwind instruments; brass instruments; string instruments; percussion instruments; microphone; synthesizer; electric guitar; mixer; amplifier; loudspeakers; earphones; record player; tape recorderp. 234
         Telecommunications Telephone; radio transmitter; radio receiver; radio signals; television camera; camcorder; video recorder; television set; satellites; space telescope; radio telescope; satellite dish; space probes
   Electricity and Automationp. 254
      Title, Contents, Introductionp. 258
      Electricity Includes: photocopier; air cleaner; ionizer; lightning conductor; quartz clock; self-winding watch; electric circuit; batteries; solar cell, remote control unitp. 274
      Magnetism Includes: magnets at work; electric bell; electric horn; maglev train; disc drive; electric generator; transformer; power supply; car ignition systemp. 290
         Sensors and Detectors Includes: seismograph; air bag; autopilot; breath tester; smoke detector; X-rays; sonar; ultrasound; scanner; radar; metal detector; automatic doors; advanced burglar alarms; body scanner; automatic transmission; cruise control
      New Section
   The Digital Domainp. 310
         Title, Contents, Introduction?
         The Digital Domain will consist of five main sections: Forming Bits; Storing Bits; Processing Bits; Sending Bits; Using Bits
         All of the following topics will be covered within these five sections?
         Analog/Digital Systems Binary code; digital pictures; analog