Table of Contents
   List of Maps and Illustrationsp. ix
   Introductionp. xiii
      The Americansp. 3
   Conquest: The Europeans
      Death on a Coastal Fringep. 35
      The "Hammerours'" Regimep. 63
      Recruitment, Expansion, and Transformationp. 81
      "A Flood, a Flood of Bloud"p. 97
      Terra-Mariap. 117
      The Chesapeake's New Worldp. 162
      The Dutch Farragop. 191
      Carnage and Civility in a Developing Hub of Commercep. 242
      Swedes, Finns, and the Passion of Pieter Plockhoyp. 276
      God's Conventicle, Bradford's Lamentationp. 321
      The New-English Sionists: Fault Lines, Diversity, and Persecutionp. 365
      Abrasions, Utopians, and Holy Warp. 417
      Defiance and Disarrayp. 449
      The British Americansp. 497
   Acknowledgmentsp. 531
   Notesp. 533
   Indexp. 597