Table of Contents
   Note on Usagep. xi
   Forewordp. xiii
   Introductionp. xvii
   Original Sins
         The First Hispanic Colonization of What Is Now US Territory, c. 1505-1846
      The Fountain of Youth
         The First Colonies in What Was to Be the United States, c. 1505-1763p. 3
      The Cities of Cíbola
         The Colonial Midwest from the Mississippi to the Rockies, c. 1598-1798p. 35
      The Pursuit of King Arthur
         The Shadow of Anglo-America, c. 1607-1784p. 74
      The Realm of Queen Calafia
         The Foundation of California and the Showdown with Anglo-America, c. 1766-1846p. 110
   The Empire of Eden
         The Expansion of Anglo-America and the Hispanic Retreat, c. 1846-1898
      The Curse of Zorro
         The Great Expropriation, c. 1846-1887p. 153
      The Revenge of Moroni
         The Triumph of Anglo-America, c. 1830-1898p. 199
   Paradise Regained?
         The Second Hispanic Colonization, c. 1898-2012
      The Return to Aztlán
         Americanization and Resistance in the Age of Mexican Countercolonization, c. 1898-1986p. 245
      The Republic of Hesperus
         The Remaking of the Hispanic United States, c. 1914-2012p. 285
      Retrospect and Prospect
         Why the United States Is-and Has to Be-a Latin American Countryp. 330
   Acknowledgmentsp. 357
   Notesp. 359
   Permissionsp. 383
   Indexp. 385