Table of Contents
   Prefacep. xiii
   Introduction: What Is an Intuition Pump?p. 1
   A Dozen General Thinking Toolsp. 17
      Making Mistakesp. 19
      "By Parody of Reasoning": Using Reductio ad Absurdump. 29
      Rapoport's Rulesp. 33
      Sturgeon's Lawp. 36
      Occam's Razorp. 38
      Occam's Broomp. 40
      Using Lay Audiences as Decoysp. 42
      Jootsingp. 45
      Three Species of Goulding: Rathering, Piling On, and the Gould Two-Stepp. 48
      The "Surely" Operator: A Mental Blockp. 53
      Rhetorical Questionsp. 55
      What Is a Deepity?p. 56
         Summaryp. 58
   Tools for Thinking About Meaning or Contentp. 59
      Murder in Trafalgar Squarep. 61
      An Older Brother Living in Clevelandp. 65
      "Daddy Is a Doctor"p. 68
      Manifest Image and Scientific Imagep. 69
      Folk Psychologyp. 73
      The Intentional Stancep. 77
      The Personal/Sub-personal Distinctionp. 86
      A Cascade of Homunculip. 91
      The Sorta Operatorp. 96
      Wonder Tissuep. 98
      Trapped in the Robot Control Roomp. 102
   An Interlude About Computersp. 107
      The Seven Secrets of Computer Power Revealedp. 109
      Virtual Machinesp. 133
      Algorithmsp. 140
      Automating the Elevatorp. 143
         Summaryp. 148
   More Tools About Meaningp. 151
      A Thing about Redheadsp. 153
      The Wandering Two-Bitser, Twin Earth, and the Giant Robotp. 157
      Radical Translation and a Quinian Crossword Puzzlep. 175
      Semantic Engines and Syntactic Enginesp. 178
      Swampman Meets a Cow-Sharkp. 180
      Two Black Boxesp. 184
         Summaryp. 197
   Tools for Thinking About Evolutionp. 201
      Universal Acidp. 203
      The Library of Mendel: Vast and Vanishingp. 205
      Genes as Words or as Subroutinesp. 214
      The Tree of Lifep. 217
      Cranes and Skyhooks, Lifting in Design Spacep. 218
      Competence without Comprehensionp. 232
      Free-Floating Rationalesp. 234
      Do Locusts Understand Prime Numbers?p. 236
      How to Explain Stottingp. 238
      Beware of the Prime Mammalp. 240
      When Does Speciation Occur?p. 244
      Widowmakers, Mitochondrial Eve, and Retrospective Coronationsp. 247
      Cyclesp. 252
      What Does the Frog's Eye Tell the Frog's Brain?p. 256
      Leaping through Space in the Library of Babelp. 258
      Who Is the Author of Spamlet?p. 260
      Noise in the Virtual Hotelp. 267
      Herb, Alice, and Hal, the Babyp. 271
      Memesp. 274
         Summaryp. 277
   Tools for Thinking about Consciousnessp. 279
      Two Counter-imagesp. 281
      The Zombie Hunchp. 283
      Zombies and Zimboesp. 288
      The Curse of the Cauliflowerp. 296
      Vim: How Much Is That in "Real Money"?p. 299
      The Sad Case of Mr. Clapgrasp. 302
      The Tuned Deckp. 310
      The Chinese Roomp. 319
      The Teleclone Fall from Mars to Earthp. 330
      The Self as the Center of Narrative Gravityp. 333
      Heterophenomenologyp. 341
      Mary the Color Scientist: A Boom Crutch Unveiledp. 347
         Summaryp. 352
   Tools for Thinking About Free Willp. 355
      A Truly Nefarious Neurosurgeonp. 357
      A Deterministic Toy: Conway's Game of Lifep. 359
      Rock, Paper, and Scissorsp. 370
      Two Lotteriesp. 375
      Inert Historical Factsp. 378
      A Computer Chess Marathonp. 384
      Ultimate Responsibilityp. 393
      Sphexishnessp. 397
      The Boys from Brazil: Another Boom Crutchp. 401
         Summaryp. 406
   What is it Like to be a Philosopher?p. 409
      A Faustian Bargainp. 411
      Philosophy as Na├»ve Auto-anthropologyp. 414
      Higher-Order Truths of Chmessp. 418
      The 10 Percent That's Goodp. 425
   Use the Tools Try Harderp. 429
   What Got Left Outp. 431
   Appendix: Solutions to Register Machine Problemsp. 433
   Sourcesp. 445
   Bibliographyp. 451
   Creditsp. 461
   Indexp. 463