Table of Contents
   Author's Notep. xi
   Mapsp. xii
   Introduction: The Twenty-First Century: An Orientationp. 1
   New Amsterdam: St. Petersburg, 1703-1825p. 13
   Shanghai Race Club: Shanghai, 1842-1911p. 53
   Urbs Prima in Indis: Bombay, 1857-1896p. 91
   City on Spilt Blood: St. Petersburg/Petrograd/Leningrad, 1825-1934p. 127
   Great World: Shanghai, 1911-1937p. 165
   The City Under Progress's Feet: Bombay, 1896-1947p. 199
   Closing Three Windows and Opening a Fourthp. 227
      I: The Two-Front War: Leningrad, 1934-1985p. 229
      II: The Dark Ages: Shanghai, 1937-1989p. 239
      III: License-Permit Raj: Bombay, 1947-1991p. 250
      IV: The City at the Center of the World: Dubai, to 1981p. 259
   From Perestroika to Petrolgrad: Leningrad, 1985-St. Petersburg, Presentp. 269
   The Head of the Dragon: Shanghai, 1989-Presentp. 295
   Slumdogs and Millionaires: Bombay, 1991-Mumbai, Presentp. 325
   Dubai Inc. Proudly Presents the International City™: Dubai, 1981-Presentp. 351
      Conclusion: Glimpses of Utopiap. 381
      Coda: From Windows on the West to Windows of the Worldp. 389
   Acknowledgmentsp. 397
   Bibliographic Notep. 401
   Notesp. 403
   Linage Creditsp. 429
   Indexp. 431