Table of Contents
   Introduction: Why I hated calculus but love statisticsp. ix
   Acknowledgmentsp. xvii
   What's the Point?p. 1
   Descriptive Statistics: Who was the best baseball player of all time?p. 15
      Appendix to Chapter 2p. 34
   Deceptive Description: "He's got a great personality!" and other true but grossly misleading statementsp. 36
   Correlation: How does Netflix know what movies I like?p. 58
      Appendix to Chapter 4p. 65
   Basic Probability: Don't buy the extended warranty on your $99 printerp. 68
      51/2 The Monty Hall Problemp. 90
   Problems with Probability: How overconfident math geeks nearly destroyed the global financial systemp. 95
   The Importance of Data: "Garbage in, garbage out"p. 110
   The Central Limit Theorem: The Lebron James of statisticsp. 127
   Inference: Why my statistics professor thought I might have cheatedp. 143
      Appendix to Chapter 9p. 164
   Polling: How we know that 64 percent of Americans support the death penalty (with a sampling error ± 3 percent)p. 169
      Appendix to Chapter 10p. 183
   Regression Analysis: The miracle elixirp. 185
      Appendix to Chapter 11p. 208
   Common Regression Mistakes: The mandatory warning labelp. 212
   Program Evaluation: Will going to Harvard change your life?p. 225
   Conclusion: Five questions that statistics can help answerp. 241
   Appendix: Statistical softwarep. 257
   Notesp. 261
   Indexp. 269