Table of Contents
   List of Mapsp. xv
   List of Illustrationsp. xix
   Acknowledgmentsp. xxi
   Prefacep. xxiii
   Renaissancesp. 1
      Logic and Compromise: England, Rome, and the Holy Roman Empire, 1100-1122p. 3
      The Crusader Enemy: Byzantium, Venice, and the Crusader kingdoms, 1100-1138p. 13
      Anarchy: England, Western Francia, and the Kingdom of Jerusalem, 1120-1139p. 19
      The Lost Homeland: China, Dai Viet, and Khmer, 1127-1150p. 25
      Crusade Resurrected: The Turkish and Crusader kingdoms, with visitations from Germany and France, 1128-1149p. 34
      Reconquista and Rediscovery: The Spanish peninsula, 1134-1146p. 43
      Questions of Authority: France and Italy, 1135-1160p. 49
      The New Song: China, 1141-1165p. 55
      The Heiji Disturbance: Japan, 1142-1159p. 61
      Death of an Army: Goryeo, 1146-1197p. 69
      The First Plantagenet: England and Western Francia, 1147-1154p. 76
      Frederick Barbarossa: Germany and Italy, 1147-1177p. 81
      The Almohads in Spain: North Africa and Spain, 1147-1177p. 88
      "Many Nations": Africa, sometime in the twelfth centuryp. 94
      The Last Fatimid Caliph: Turkish and Crusader kingdoms, 1149-1171p. 102
      Monks and Brahmans: South India, 1150-1189p. 108
      Conquest of the Willing: Northern India, 1150-1202p. 117
      Death of a Priest: England and France, 1154-1170p. 126
      Foreign Relations: Byzantium, Hungary, and the Balkans, 1157-1168p. 134
      The Venetian Problem: Byzantium and Italy, 1171-1185p. 141
      Resentments: England Ireland and France, 1171-1186p. 148
      Saladin: The Turkish and Crusader kingdoms, 1171-1188p. 155
      The Gempei War: Japan, 1179-1185p. 161
      Kings' Crusade: England, France, and the Turkish and Crusader kingdoms, 1188-1199p. 166
      The Sack of Constantinople: Byzantium and Europe, 1195-1204p. 176
   Invasions, Heresies, and Uprisingsp. 185
      Westward: Central and South America, 1200p. 187
      The Mongol School of Warfare: China, North and Central Asia, 1201-1215p. 195
      John Softsword: England and France, 1203-1213p. 202
      Sundiata of the Mali: Africa, 1263-1240p. 207
      The Jokyu War: Japan, 1203-1242p. 211
      The Unwanted Throne: The old Byzantine lands, 1204-1225p. 217
      The First Delhi Sultanate: Northern and central India, 1206-1236p. 225
      Heresy: France, 1209-1210p. 233
      Reconquest and Failure: France and the Spanish peninsula, 1210-1213p. 242
      From Bouvines to Magna Carta: France, England and the Holy Roman Empire, 1213-1217p. 248
      The Birth of the Inquisition: France, 1215-1229p. 257
      Moving Westward: China, North and Central Asia, and the Middle East, 1215-1229p. 262
      South of India: India and Sri Lanka, 1215-1283p. 270
      The Fifth Crusade: Egypt and the Crusader kingdoms, 1217-1221p. 275
      From the Golden Bull to the Baltic Crusade: Hungary, Poland, and the lands of the Lithuanians, 1218-1233p. 281
      Lakeshores, Highlands, and Hilltops: Africa, 1221-1290p. 287
      The Sixth Crusade: The Holy Roman Empire, the Crusader kingdoms, and the Ayyubid empire, 1223-1229p. 293
      The Tran Dynasty: Southeast Asia, 1224-1257p. 298
      Young Kings: England France, and the kingdoms of Spain, 1227-1242p. 303
      The Mongol Horde: Most of Asia and Europe, 122P-1248p. 310
      The Debt of Hatred: The Holy Roman Empire, 1229-1250p. 318
      The Shadow of God: India, 1236-1266p. 326
      The Seventh Crusade: France, Egypt, and Syria, 1244-1250p. 332
      The Splintering Khanate: The Mongol conquests, 1246-1264p. 339
      The Mamluks of Egypt: Egypt, Syria, and the Mongol lands, 1250-1268p. 346
      Louis the Saint: France and the Kingdom of Jerusalem, 1250-1267p. 353
      The Lions Den: Germany, Italy, Sicily, and England 1252-1273p. 359
      The Recapture of Constantinople: The Latin Empire and the empire of Nicaea, 1254-1261p. 367
      The Last Crusades: North Africa, Egypt, France, Italy, and the Crusader kingdoms, 1270-1291p. 372
      Kublai Khan: China, Japan, Goryeo, Champa, and the Dai Viet, 1273-1294p. 379
      The Sicilian Vespers: Germany, Italy, Sicily, Aragon, and France, 1274-1288p. 388
      The Wars of Edward I: England Scotland Wales, and France, 1275-1299p. 394
      The Second Sultanate of Delhi: India, 1287-1300p. 403
      The End of the Papal Monarchy: France, Germany, and Italy, 1301-1317p. 410
      The Appearance of the Ottomans: Byzantium and the Turks of the Il-khanate, 1302-1347p. 419
      The Fall of the Khilji: India, 1303-1320p. 427
      The Triumph of the Bruce: Scotland England and Ireland 1304-1314p. 433
   Catastrophesp. 441
      The Great Famine: All of Europe, 1310-1321p. 443
      The Sultan and the Khan: Egypt, the Il-khanate, and the Golden Horde, 1310-1335p. 449
      Mansa Musa of Mali: West Africa, 1312-1360p. 455
      After the Famine: France and England, 1318-1330p. 461
      The Southern and Northern Courts: Japan, 1318-1339p. 470
      Rebellions: India, 1320-1351p. 478
      Naming the Renaissance: Germany, Italy, and France, 1322-1341p. 484
      The Cities in the Lake: Central America, 1325-1375p. 491
      A Hundred Years of War: France and England 1329-1347p. 497
      The End of the World: Asia, Europe, and India, 1338-1353p. 505
   Regroupingsp. 513
      The Will to War: France, England and the Spanish kingdoms, 1349-1369p. 515
      White Lotus, Red Turban: China, 1351-1382p. 525
      After the Mongols: Southeast Asia, 1351-1399p. 531
      The Turks and the Desperate Emperor: Byzantium and the lands of the Turks, with side journeys to France and Italyp. 537
      The Disintegration of Delhi: India and Sri Lanka, 1352-1388p. 544
      The Union of Krewo: Poland, Hungary, and Lithuania, 1364-1399p. 551
      The Rebirth of the Mongol Horde: Central Asia, the Middle East, India, and the lands of the Rus', 1367-1399p. 557
      Compromises and Settlements: The Korean peninsula and Japan, 1368-1392p. 565
      The House of Visconti and the Papal States: France and Italy, 1368-1390p. 571
      Bad Beginnings: France and England, 1369-1381p. 577
      Dislocation: Africa, 1370-1399p. 587
      Madness and Usurpation: Castile, Portugal, England, and France, 1383-1401p. 591
      The Battle of Nicopolis: The Ottoman empire, Constantinople, and the lands of eastern Europe, 1385-1396p. 598
      The Union and Disunion of Kalmar: Scandinavia, 1387-1449p. 604
      The Hussite Uprising: Germany, Italy, Hungary, and Bohemia, 1388-1419p. 611
      The Taking of France: France and England 1401-1420p. 620
      After Timurlane: The north of India, the empire of Timur, the lands of the Ottoman Turks, Egypt, and Byzantium, 1401-1415p. 627
   Endingsp. 635
      The Withdrawal of the Ming: China and the land of the Dai Viet, 1405-1455p. 637
      Failure: The old lands of the Holy Roman Empire and the remnants of Byzantium, 1412-1440p. 645
      Perpetual Slavery: Portugal, Castile, and Africa, 1415-1455p. 654
      The Loss of France: France and England 1422-1453p. 662
      The Fall: The Byzantine and Ottoman empires, along with Hungary, Germany, Wallachia, Bohemia, and Serbia, 1430-1453p. 673
   Notesp. 683
   Works Citedp. 723
   Permissionsp. 749
   Indexp. 751