Table of Contents
   A Note on Languagep. xi
   Introduction: The Bricks We Stand Onp. 1
   The Slow Poison
      The Wedding: Fruits of Freedomp. 13
      An Industrial Slavery: "Niggers is cheap"p. 39
      Slavery's Increase: "Day after day we looked Death in the face & was afraid to speak"p. 58
      Green Cottenham's World: "The negro dies faster"p. 84
   Harvest of an Unfinished War
      The Slave Farm of John Pace: "I don't owe you anything"p. 117
      Slavery is Not a Crime: "We shall have to kill a thousand... to get them back to their places"p. 155
      The Indictments: "I was whipped nearly every day"p. 181
      A Summer of Trials, 1903: "The master treated the slave unmercifully"p. 217
      A River of Anger: The South Is "an armed camp"p. 233
      The Disapprobation of God: "It is a very rare thing that a negro escapes"p. 246
      Slavery Affirmed: "Cheap cotton depends on cheap niggers"p. 270
      New South Rising: "This great corporation"p. 278
   The Final Chapter of American Slavery
      The Arrest of Green Cottenham: A War of Atrocitiesp. 299
      Anatomy of a Slave Mine: "Degraded to a plane lower than the brutes"p. 310
      Everywhere was Death: "Negro Quietly Swung Up by an Armed Mob ... All is quiet"p. 324
      Atlanta, the South's Finest City: "I will murder you if you don't do that work"p. 338
      Freedom: "In the United States one cannot sell himself"p. 371
   Epilogue: The Ephemera of Catastrophep. 383
   Acknowledgmentsp. 404
   Notesp. 407
   Selected Bibliographyp. 444
   Indexp. 460