Table of Contents
   Introductionp. xi
   Our Schools Are at Riskp. 3
   The Context for Corporate Reformp. 10
   Who Are the Corporate Reformers?p. 19
   The Language of Corporate Reformp. 32
   The Facts About Test Scoresp. 44
   The Facts About the Achievement Gapp. 55
   The Facts About the International Test Scoresp. 63
   The Facts About High School Graduation Ratesp. 74
   The Facts About College Graduation Ratesp. 82
   How Poverty Affects Academic Achievementp. 91
   The Facts About Teachers and Test Scoresp. 99
   Why Merit Pay Failsp. 115
   Do Teachers Need Tenure and Seniority?p. 124
   The Problem with Teach for Americap. 133
   The Mystery of Michelle Rheep. 145
   The Contradictions of Chartersp. 156
   Trouble in E-landp. 180
   Parent Trigger, Parent Trickerp. 198
   The Failure of Vouchersp. 206
   Schools Don't Improve if They Are Closedp. 214
   Solutions: Start Herep. 224
   Begin at the Beginningp. 227
   The Early Years Countp. 230
   The Essentials of a Good Educationp. 234
   Class Size Matters for Teaching and Learningp. 242
   Make Charters Work for Allp. 247
   Wraparound Services Make a Differencep. 253
   Measure Knowledge and Skills with Carep. 261
   Strengthen the Professionp. 274
   Protect Democratic Control of Public Schoolsp. 278
   The Toxic Mixp. 290
   Privatization of Public Education Is Wrongp. 300
   Conclusion: The Pattern on the Rugp. 313
   Appendixp. 327
   Acknowledgmentsp. 353
   Notesp. 355
   Indexp. 379