Table of Contents
   Introductionp. ix
   State of the Union
      Just as I Predicted and Long Before We Heard of President Obama: The Growing Success of the Progressive Agendap. 3
      I've Questioned European Socialism from the Beginning: Hello France, Next Stop-God Forbid-Greece!p. 17
      Minority Report: The Obstacles, the Search for Answers, and the Case of the Sharpening Dividep. 23
      Religion Under Attack: Who Cares? You Can Hear a Pin Dropp. 33
      From 9/11 to Benghazi: What Have We Learned About the War on Terror? Anything?p. 49
   State of Yourself
      What's Mine? Americans Just Want More Stuff, and That's a Problemp. 57
      The Kids: Hollywood Sleaze, Wrongheaded Educators, Nutty Judges, and Other Problems Knocking on the Doorp. 63
      From SNL to The Daily Show, from to Occupy Wall Street…: It's All One Big Liberal Joke-and a Disturbing Patternp. 85
   Keeping it Pithy
      Getting Back to Traditional Values: "The Code of the Traditional Warrior" and Other Top Hitsp. 97
      A Decade's Worth of Head Shots to the Rich and Powerful: The Good, the Bad, the Uglyp. 113
      The Last Word (As Usual, I'm Taking It)p. 137
   Photo Creditsp. 143