Table of Contents
   Forewordp. xiii
   Introductionp. xv
   First Steps
      Getting Startedp. 3
         Business Ideas-and Funding Them
      Clearing the Decksp. 22
         Keeping the Legal Side in Mind Can Save Time and Money
      Do You Need A Lawyer?p. 32
         A Quick Guide to When You Need Legal Help-and When You Don't
      Choosing a Business Lawyerp. 41
         How to Find the Right Lawyer for Your Company
      Buying a Businessp. 50
         The Basics, Including How You Can Maximize Your Advantage
      Is Franchising for You?p. 60
         Practical, Hands-on Tips for Evaluating a Franchise Opportunity
      Understanding and Negotiating the Franchise Agreementp. 70
         Don't Be Intimidated When Confronted by Those Bulky Legal Documents
   Setting Up Shop
      If Your Business is Ten Feet from the Kitchenp. 79
         Be Worry-Free by Taking Care of These Wrinkles Affecting Home-Based Businesses
      Location, Location, Locationp. 87
         Your Guide to Protecting Yourself in Leasing Property-and More
      Buying Peace of Mindp. 102
         That's What Insurance Is for-but Don't Forget the Legal Dimensions
   Types of Business Organizations Which Legal Form Should You Choose
      Sole Proprietorshipsp. 115
         It's Easy. It's Popular-but Know What You're Getting Into
      Partnershipsp. 121
         They Come in Many Flavors, Including General and Limited-Which One's for You?
      Is a Corporation for You?p. 131
         They're Persons Under the Law, Which Opens Up Many Intriguing Possibilities
      Limited Trouble-and Paperworkp. 155
         Find Out Why Limited Liability Companies Are Sweeping the Country
      So What's the Best Business Form for You?p. 161
         We Lay Out Your Options-the Choice is Yours
   A Section About People Dealing with Employees and Customers
      Hiring Employeesp. 179
         Hiring Without Hassles
      Laws Affecting Employeesp. 190
         A Short Course on Law in the Workplace-and How Knowing What's Up Can Benefit You
      Terminating Employeesp. 203
         We Cover Everything from Tips on How to Let Someone Go to Noncompete Agreements
      Maintaining a Safe Place of Businessp. 214
         For Your Employees, Customers, Business Contacts, and Other Folks on Your Premises
      The Legal Side of Dealing with Customersp. 227
         All You Need to Know About the Consumer Protection Laws
      Extending Creditp. 244
         Bottom-Line Tips on Accepting Checks and Credit Cards and Offering Your Own Credit
      The Check Isn't in the Mail!p. 261
         Collection Do's and Don'ts for Small-Business Owners
   Running the Business
      Contractsp. 277
         Understanding Legally Enforceable Agreements in Your Business's Transactions
      Special Contract Termsp. 305
         Some Tips on What those Strange Clauses Will Mean to You
      What If There's a Dispute?p. 320
         Keeping the Lid on Time, Hassles, and Costs
      Too Good to Be Truep. 333
         Watch Out for These Scams Against Your Business
      Protecting Your Intellectual Property Rightsp. 344
         The Lowdown on Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks, Service Marks, and More
   The Taxman Cometh
      Business Taxes 101p. 367
         Knowing the Basics of Taxation Can Help You Plan-and Save Money
      Then There's the State and the City...p. 385
         A Quick Look at How You Can Owe Less
      Tangling with the Governmentp. 389
         You Have Rights-Know How to Use Them
   Various Endings ... Some Happy, Some Not
      Sink or Swim-Facing Financial Difficultiesp. 395
         The Law, and Your Lawyer, May Be Able to Help
      Selling a Businessp. 411
         There Are Plenty of Possible Arrangements-but You Want the Best
      Retirement Planning for the Business Ownerp. 427
         The Law Gives You a Lot of Attractive Options
      Till Death Do Us Partp. 442
         What Will Happen to Your Family Business When You Die? Plan Ahead to Avoid Disaster.
   The World at Your Fingertipsp. 463
         The Best Places to Turn for More Information-Including Sites on Doing Business on the Web
   Indexp. 467
   About the Authorp. 473