Table of Contents
   Introduction by Joyce Carol Oates
   Author's Note
   The Innocents Abroad
   Maggie Meriwether's Rich Experience
   The Children's Game
   The Echo and the Nemesis
   The Maiden
   A Modest Proposal
   Caveat Emptor
   The Bostonians, and Other Manifestations of the American Scene
   Life Is No Abyss
   The Hope Chest
   Polite Conversation
   A Country Love Story
   The Bleeding Heart
   The Lippia Lawn
   The Interior Castle
   Cowboys and Indians, and Magic Mountains
   The Healthiest Girl in Town
   The Tea Time of Stouthearted Ladies
   The Mountain Day
   The Darkening Moon
   Bad Characters
   In the Zoo
   The Liberation
   A Reading Problem
   A Summer Day
   The Philosophy Lesson
   Manhattan Island
   Children Are Bored on Sunday
   Beatrice Trueblood's Story
   Between the Porch and the Altar
   I Love Someone
   Cops and Robbers
   The Captain's Gift
   The End of a Career
   An Influx of Poets