Table of Contents
   Forewordp. xv
   Preface: My Missionp. 1
   Food Fightp. 7
      Profile in Recovery: Allison's Storyp. 31
   Give Up the Guilt and Reclaim Your Powerp. 35
      Genetics-At Least Part of the Answerp. 36
      Make That Information Work for Youp. 40
      Nobody's Perfect-Not Even Youp. 41
      Change Doesn't Come Easyp. 46
   Learn to Use All the Crayons in Your Boxp. 49
      How Many Crayons Are in Your Box?p. 50
      Getting Comfortable Takes Practicep. 55
      Put In Your Application for Recoveryp. 58
      Sinkies and Floaties-What Pulls You Down and What Gets You Through?p. 60
      Don't Fall for the Bait and Switchp. 62
   Kicking Off the Other Shoep. 63
      No, the Sky Isn't Purplep. 66
      Knocking Down the Wallp. 68
      Don't Start Out as a Downerp. 70
      And the Real Secret Isp. 73
      Profile in Recovery: Jasmine's Storyp. 75
   From Recovering to Recovered-It's a Processp. 81
      How Long Can You Be Recovering?p. 82
      Each Moment Is a New Opportunityp. 84
      Why Does It Have to Be So Hard?p. 88
      Nothing Is Written in Indelible Inkp. 90
      Remember-You're Still Youp. 92
      To Build an Army, You Will Need to Recruit Some Soldiersp. 94
      Your Recovery Affects Others, Toop. 97
      Keep Track of Your Mile Markers So You'll Know When You've Arrivedp. 98
   Beware of Fake Security Blanketsp. 103
      Sometimes a Security Blanket Might Not Be a Blanket at Allp. 109
      The Danger of Trading One Addiction for Anotherp. 111
      Never Put All Your Marbles in One Jarp. 113
      Another Way of Looking at It: Diversification of Assetsp. 114
      Let Go of the Old to Grab Hold of the New Youp. 116
      Profile in Recovery: Jamie's Storyp. 117
   Getting to the Heart of the Artichokep. 123
      Are You Willing?p. 124
      Try Out New and Better Toolsp. 126
      Start with the Outer Leavesp. 126
      Getting to the Corep. 131
   Laila, Rosie, the Incredible Hulk and Other Powerful Healthy Voicesp. 137
      Name Your Voicep. 141
      Change Your Focus to Change Your Mindp. 143
      Sometimes It's Hard to Do It Alonep. 143
      Becoming Self-Considerate: Let Your Healthy Voice Take Care of Youp. 144
      Profile in Recovery: Molly's Storyp. 148
   Talking Back to Ignorancep. 155
      People Aren't Mean; They're Just Ignorantp. 157
      We Live in a World Full of Ignorant Messagesp. 159
      Sometimes They're Just Worried or Trying to Helpp. 161
      Listen with Your Healthy Earsp. 162
   Bridezilla Meets Brideorexia and Other Triggering Occasionsp. 169
      The Madness Beginsp. 171
      Going for the Gownp. 172
      Messages from the Bridal Industry and Othersp. 176
      Bridezilla or Brideorexia?p. 177
      Stay Focused and Just Say Nop. 179
      Whatever the Occasion, Keep Your Eye on the Prizep. 180
   Afterword: re(Define) (Real)ityTMp. 183
   I Define What's Realp. 184
   Recovery Means Steering Your Own Coursep. 186
   Me 101p. 186
   Accept the Gift That Is Offeredp. 188
   What I Wish for Youp. 190
   Getting Helpp. 193
   Indexp. 205
   Acknowledgmentsp. 211
   About the Alliance for Eating Disorders Awarenessp. 215
   About the Authorp. 219