Table of Contents
   Introductionp. xiii
   The Jumpstart Rules
      Take Control with Proper Proportions-40/40/20p. 3
      Cut Back on Calories. Then Cut Back Againp. 7
      Eat No Complex Carbs After Breakfastp. 10
      Get Rid of Water Weight by Drinking More Waterp. 13
      Get Your Electrolytesp. 17
      Do 45 Minutes a Day of Low-Intensity Cardio, Preferably Before Breakfastp. 21
      Five Times a Week, at Any Time of Day, Do 15 to 20 Minutes of My Jumpstart Movesp. 25
      Cut the Saltp. 29
      Take Advantage of the Restorative Power of Daily Fish Oilp. 32
      Fall Back on Veggies!p. 36
      No Fruit During Week 3p. 39
      Lay Off All Boozep. 42
      An Espresso a Day … or Two or Threep. 45
   The Jumpstart Day-By-Day Regimen
      Menus and Exercise Planp. 54
      Menus and Exercise Planp. 61
      Menus and Exercise Planp. 68
   The Jumpstart Moves
      The Basic AMRAPp. 79
      The Ball Busterp. 83
      The Classic Met-Conp. 87
      The Medicine Manp. 91
      Fleet Feetp. 98
      The Band of Deathp. 98
      The Body Liftp. 102
   The Jumpstart Recipes
      Prepare Ahead and Storep. 112
         Power Breakfastsp. 119
         Lean Lunchesp. 126
         Thinner Dinnersp. 133
      Prepare Ahead and Storep. 140
         Power Breakfastsp. 148
         Lean Lunchesp. 155
         Thinner Dinnersp. 162
      Prepare Ahead and Storep. 170
         Power Breakfastsp. 175
         Lean Lunchesp. 182
         Thinner Dinnersp. 189
   The End? Transitioning to the Skinny Rulesp. 197
   Notesp. 201
   Acknowledgmentsp. 203
   Indexp. 205