Table of Contents
   Introduction: Scary, Fun, and Safep. xi
   Childhood Anxiety: Alert, Alarm, Assessment, and All Clearp. 3
   The Second Chicken: Parenting with Empathy, Parenting for Confidencep. 36
   Relaxation and Roughhousing: Anxiety and the Bodyp. 62
   The Edge: Approach and Avoidancep. 97
   Dr. Spock versus Mr. Spock: Emotion Expressed and Suppressedp. 131
   "What If" versus "What Is": Challenging Anxious Thoughtsp. 162
   From Monsters under the Bed to Worry Soup: Tackling the Most Common Childhood Anxietiesp. 191
   Finding Joy: From Anxiety, Worry, and Fear to Connection and Trustp. 233
   Acknowledgmentsp. 253
   Notesp. 255
   Bibliographyp. 263
   Indexp. 269