Table of Contents
   Introduction Against the Grainp. 3
   Self-Assessment What Are Your Risk Factors?p. 15
   The Whole Grain Truth
      The Cornerstone of Brain Disease: What You Don't Know About Inflammationp. 23
      The Sticky Protein: Gluten's Role in Brain: Inflammation (It's Not Just About Your Belly)p. 45
      Attention, Carboholics and Fat Phobics: Surprising Truths About Your Brain's Real Enemies and Loversp. 70
      Not a Fruitful Union: This Is Your Brain on Sugar (Natural or Not)p. 103
      The Gift of Neurogenesis and Controlling Master Switches: How to Change Your Genetic Destinyp. 126
      Brain Drain: How Gluten Robs You and Your Children's Peace of Mindp. 149
   Grain Brain Rehab
      Dietary Habits for an Optimal Brain: Hello, Fasting, Fats, and Essential Supplementsp. 181
      Genetic Medicine: Jog Your Genes to Build a Better Brainp. 194
      Good Night, Brain: Leverage Your Leptin to Rule Your Hormonal Kingdomp. 205
   Say Good-Bye to Grain Brain
      A New Way of Life: The Four-Week Plan of Actionp. 219
      Eating Your Way to a Healthy Brain: Meal Plans and Recipesp. 244
   Epilogue The Mesmerizing Truthp. 287
   Acknowledgmentsp. 291
   Illustration Creditsp. 293
   Notesp. 295
   Indexp. 313