Table of Contents
   Introductionp. 3
   A, C, G, T, and You: How to Read a Genetic Score
      Genes, Freaks, DNA: How Do Living Things Pass Down Traits to Their Children?p. 13
      The Near Death of Darwin: Why Did Geneticists Try to Kill Natural Selection?p. 31
      Them's the DNA Breaks: How Does Nature Read-and Misread-DNA?p. 54
      The Musical Score of DNA: What Kinds of Information Does DNA Store?p. 72
   Our Animal Past: Making things that Crawl and Frolic and Kill
      DNA Vindication: Why Did Life Evolve So Slowly-Then Explode in Complexity?p. 95
      The Survivors, the Livers: What's Our Most Ancient and Important DNA?p. 118
      The Machiavelli Microbe: How Much Human DNA Is Actually Human?p. 138
      Love and Atavisms: What Genes Make Mammals Mammals?p. 157
      Humanzees and Other Near Misses: When Did Humans Break Away from Monkeys, and Why?p. 178
   Genes and Geniuses : How Humans Became all too Human
      Scarlet A's, C's, G's, and T's: Why Did Humans Almost Go Extinct?p. 203
      Size Matters: How Did Humans Get Such Grotesquely Large Brains?p. 226
      The Art of the Gene: How Deep in Our DNA Is Artistic Genius?p. 245
   The Oracle of Dna: Genetics in the Past, Present, and Future
      The Past Is Prologue-Sometimes: What Can (and Can't) Genes Teach Us About Historical Heroes?p. 271
      Three Billion Little Pieces: Why Don't Humans Have More Genes Than Other Species?p. 294
      Easy Come, Easy Go? How Come Identical Twins Aren't Identical?p. 314
      Life as We Do (and Don't) Know It: What the Heck Will Happen Now?p. 336
   Epilogue: Genomics Gets Personalp. 355
   Acknowledgmentsp. 361
   Notes and Erratap. 363
   Selected Bibliographyp. 385
   Indexp. 391