Table of Contents
   Introductionp. 3
   Orientation: Column by Column, Row by Row
      Geography is Destinyp. 11
      Near Twins and Black Sheep: The Genealogy of Elementsp. 32
      The Galápagos of the Periodic Tablep. 47
   Making Atoms, Breaking Atoms
      Where Atoms Come From: ôWe Are All Star Stufföp. 65
      Elements in Times of Warp. 81
      Completing the Table…with a Bangp. 98
      Extending the Table, Expanding the Cold Warp. 115
   Periodic Confusion: The Emergence of Complexity
      From Physics to Biologyp. 135
      Poisoner's Corridor: ôOuch-Ouchöp. 152
      Take Two Elements, Call Me in the Morningp. 167
      How Elements Deceivep. 186
   The Elements of Human Character
      Political Elementsp. 203
      Elements as Moneyp. 222
      Artistic Elementsp. 238
      An Element of Madnessp. 255
   Element Science Today and Tomorrow
      Chemistry Way, Way Below Zerop. 277
      Spheres of Splendor: The Science of Bubblesp. 295
      Tools of Ridiculous Precisionp. 314
      Above (and Beyond) the Periodic Tablep. 331
   Acknowledgments and Thanksp. 347
   Notes and Erratap. 349
   Bibliographyp. 377
   Indexp. 379
   The Periodic Table of the Elementsp. 392