Table of Contents
   A Journey with Purposep. 11
   A New Edition for a New Generationp. 15
   My Covenantp. 17
   What On Earth Am I Here For?
      It All Starts with Godp. 21
      You Are Not an Accidentp. 26
      What Drives Your Life?p. 31
      Made to Last Foreverp. 39
      Seeing Life from God's Viewp. 44
      Life Is a Temporary Assignmentp. 50
      The Reason for Everythingp. 56
   You Were Planned for God's Pleasure
      Planned for God's Pleasurep. 65
      What Makes God Smile?p. 71
      The Heart of Worshipp. 79
      Becoming Best Friends with Godp. 87
      Developing Your Friendship with Godp. 94
      Worship That Pleases Godp. 102
      When God Seems Distantp. 109
   You Were Formed for God's Family
      Formed for God's Familyp. 119
      What Matters Mostp. 125
      A Place to Belongp. 132
      Experiencing Life Togetherp. 140
      Cultivating Communityp. 146
      Restoring Broken Fellowshipp. 153
      Protecting Your Churchp. 161
   You Were Created to Become Like Christ
      Created to Become Like Christp. 171
      How We Growp. 179
      Transformed by Truthp. 184
      Transformed by Troublep. 192
      Growing through Temptationp. 200
      Defeating Temptationp. 208
      It Takes Timep. 215
   You Were Shaped for Serving God
      Accepting Your Assignmentp. 225
      Shaped for Serving Godp. 232
      Understanding Your Shapep. 239
      Using What God Gave Youp. 247
      How Real Servants Actp. 254
      Thinking Like a Servantp. 262
      God's Power in Your Weaknessp. 269
   You Were Made for a Mission
      Made for a Missionp. 279
      Sharing Your Life Messagep. 287
      Becoming a World-Class Christianp. 295
      Balancing Your Lifep. 303
      Living with Purposep. 310
      The Envy Trapp. 319
      The People-Pleaser Trapp. 328
   Discussion Questionsp. 339
   Resourcesp. 343
   Why Use So Many Translations?p. 345
   Notesp. 347