Table of Contents
   Introduction: The Female Brain Unleashedp. xi
   Fall in Love with your Female Brainp. 1
         Care About Your Brain More Than Any Other Body Part
      Boost Brain Envy
   Harness the Unique Strengths of the Female Brainp. 27
         Use Your Intuition, Empathy, Collaboration, Self-Control, and a Little Worry to Give Yourself a Great Advantage
      Recruit Your Team and Make Your Worries Work for You
   Adopt Amen Clinics' Method for Optimizing the Female Brainp. 52
         Know Your Brain, Important Numbers, and the Four Circles for Ultimate Success
      Get Assessed
   Balance Your Hormones to Boost the Female Brainp. 88
         Balance Estrogen, Progesterone, and Testosterone
         Balance Thyroid, Cortisol, DHEA, and Insulin
      Take the Hormone Questionnaires and Inventory Your Healthy and Unhealthy Hormone Habits
   Feed the Female Brainp. 146
         Flatten Your Tummy and Boost Brain Reserves by Healing Your Gut and Eating Brain-Healthy Superfoods
      Provide Therapy for Your Kitchen
   Soothe the Female Brainp. 177
         Put an End to Anxiety, Worry, Depression, and Perfectionism
      Kill the ANTs and Answer the Work's Four Questions
   Get Control of the Female Brainp. 214
         Conquer Cravings, Weight Issues, and Addictions
      Embrace Your Failures
   Add and the Female Brainp. 232
         The Hyperactive "Boys' Condition" That Ruins Female Lives
      Know Your Focus and Energy Robbers and Boosters
   Be Beautiful Inside and Outp. 258
         Stop the Negative Chatter and Make a Plan to Look and Feel Amazing
      Get a Massage and Enjoy a Sauna
   Sex and the Female Brainp. 281
         Optimize Your Brain for Greater Pleasure, Deeper Relationships, and Lasting Love
      Be the Director of Your Pleasure
   Get Your Brain Ready for Babies and Caring for Their Brains Once They're Herep. 307
         Prepare for Pregnancy and Unleash the Power of Your Daughters' Brainsp. 307
      Indulge in Special Time
   Change Your Female Brain, Change the Worldp. 334
         Realize That It's Not About You-It is About Generations of You
      Create Your Own Genius Network
   Appendix: Natural Supplements to Help You Unleash the Power of Your Female Brainp. 353
   Note on Referencesp. 368
   Acknowledgmentsp. 369
   Indexp. 371