Table of Contents
   Heart Health and Disease: The Basics That You Must Know
      Saving your lifep. 3
      Coronary heart disease: The risk factors you know and those you don'tp. 12
      Cholesterol: Friend and foep. 42
      Your weight and your heart: How extra pounds create excess riskp. 66
   A Plan for Prevention
      Food for the heartp. 91
      Red wine and your heart: A drink a day may keep the cardiologist awayp. 123
      Exercise and your heart: Which type and how much?p. 138
      Emotion and your heart: You can be scared to deathp. 166
      How to tell fact from fiction: Sorting through the medical evidencep. 193
      Which heart tests do you need?p. 217
   Fixing the Broken Heart
      Medicines for the heart: The big sixp. 253
      Stents versus surgery for coronary heart disease: To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nailp. 283
      A chance to cut is a chance to cure: What you need to know before heart surgeryp. 307
      You've got the beat: Keeping your heart in rhythmp. 337
      Living with heart failurep. 369
      Vitamins and supplements: Trick or treatment?p. 396
   Personal Plans
      The mysteries of Venus: Understanding the hearts of womenp. 421
      Heart disease in men: It is all partly about sexp. 448
      Heart disease in kids: Prevention starts now!p. 471
   Looking Forward
      Heart health (and repair) in the future: Star Trek, here we come!p. 499
      Epilogue: Putting heart doctors out of businessp. 529
   Acknowledgmentsp. 533
   Indexp. 537