Table of Contents
   Acknowledgmentsp. xi
   Prologuep. 3
   The March Up
      People who will not give inp. 9
      There were never such men in an army beforep. 16
      This Campaign is going to end this showp. 32
      A perfectly surplus body of menp. 46
      Victory will inevitably attend our armsp. 64
      A goggle-eyed old snapping turtlep. 80
      A universal panic prevailsp. 99
      You will have to fight like the devil to hold your ownp. 115
   The First Day
      The devil's to payp. 139
      You stand alone, between the Rebel Army and your homes!p. 155
      The dutch run and leave us to fightp. 177
      Go in, South Carolina!p. 198
      If the enemy is there to-morrow, we must attack himp. 212
   The Second Day
      One of the bigger bubbles of the scump. 235
      You are to hold this ground at all costsp. 257
      I have never been in a hotter placep. 276
      The supreme moment of the war had comep. 304
      Remember Harper's Ferry!p. 322
      We are the Louisiana Tigers!p. 335
      Let us have no more retreatsp. 353
   The Third Day
      The general plan of attack was unchangedp. 373
      Are you going to do your duty today?p. 388
      The shadow of a cloud across a sunny fieldp. 405
      As clear a defeat as our army ever met withp. 427
      There is bad faith somewherep. 441
      To Sweep & plunder the battle groundsp. 466
   Epiloguep. 475
   Notesp. 483
   Indexp. 601