Table of Contents
   Forewordp. ix
   Introduction: Standing on Carnegie's Shouldersp. 1
   Relationship Discoveries
      An Unlikely Prodigyp. 9
      The Bartenderp. 33
      Relationship Economicsp. 42
   How to Build Relationship Capital
      The Five Floors of Relationshipsp. 57
      What You Dop. 66
      Don't Shoot the Moosep. 69
      Do Your Homeworkp. 73
      Breaking the Ice ... and Stirring It Upp. 82
      Back of the Business Cardp. 89
      Leveraging Philanthropyp. 94
      Never Kiss on the First Datep. 102
      Don't Be a Chirping Birdp. 106
      Pardon Me While I Talk to Your Wifep. 113
      Relentless Communicationp. 117
      Play Chess, Not Monopolyp. 127
      Seek Advice, Not Businessp. 133
      He's Just Not That into Mep. 138
   The Power of Netgiving
      Making Business Personalp. 145
      Beyond Networkingp. 150
      Authenticity: Making Relationships Realp. 153
      Empathy: Setting a Cornerstone for Trustp. 156
      Vulnerability: Opening a Window into Your Inner Worldp. 158
      Confidentiality: Living the Law of the Vaultp. 161
      Curiosity: The Power of Asking Questionsp. 164
      Generosity: Acting on Your Awarenessp. 166
      Humility: The Gift of Perspectivep. 168
      Humor: Living with Levityp. 170
      Gratitude: The Art of Being Thankfulp. 172
   Relationshift: Life in the Penthouse
      Journey to the Penthousep. 177
      The Ultimate Middel Manp. 181
      Moore than Meets the Eyep. 189
      Collecting What Mattersp. 196
      Fifth Floor Giversp. 203
      Living Give/Get from the Outside/Inp. 210
      Elevation: Advance, Link, and Liftp. 223
      Serving the Stakeholdersp. 239
      Warningsp. 261
   Putting Purpose First
      Relationships + Vision = Impactp. 275
      Orion's Beltp. 282
      How to Make the World Spin Betterp. 290
   Acknowledgmentsp. 297
   Indexp. 299