Table of Contents
   Introduction: Ghost Ridersp. xi
   Prologue: The Pillar in the Stormp. xxi
   The Thunder House
      The Electriciansp. 3
      A Little More of the Marvelousp. 13
      To Treat Master Franklinp. 21
   The Storm War
      The So-Called Tornadop. 31
      The Philosophy of Stormsp. 46
      Under the Mapp. 63
      One Dead, One Exhausted, One Convertedp. 78
      The Finger of Godp. 88
   Red Wind and Tornado Green
      The Great American Desertp. 101
      The Night Watchp. 118
      Premonitory Symptomsp. 130
      Violent Local Stormsp. 152
      How to Escapep. 165
      The Desert Is No Morep. 180
      The Book of Failurep. 188
      An Awful Commotionp. 198
   The Mystery of Severe Storms
      Canvas and Cellophanep. 207
      The Unfriendly Skyp. 217
      Visible Effects of the Invisiblep. 238
   Epilogue: The Wild Huntp. 250
   A Note on Sourcesp. 261
   Acknowledgmentsp. 267