Table of Contents
   Author's Notep. xi
   Introduction: The North and South of Temperamentp. 1
   The Extrovert Ideal
      The Rise of the "Mighty Likeable Fellow": How Extroversion Became the Cultural Idealp. 19
      The Myth of Charismatic Leadership: The Culture of Personality, a Hundred Years Laterp. 34
      When Collaboration Kills Creativity: The Rise of the New Groupthink and the Power of Working Alonep. 71
   Your Biology, Your Self?
      Is Temperament Destiny?: Nature, Nurture, and the Orchid Hypothesisp. 97
      Beyond Temperament: The Role of Free Will (and the Secret of Public Speaking for Introverts)p. 115
      "Franklin was a Politician, But Eleanor Spoke Out of Conscience": Why Cool Is Overratedp. 130
      Why Did Wall Street Crash and Warren Buffett Prosper?: How Introverts and Extroverts Think (and Process Dopamine) Differentlyp. 155
   Do All Cultures Have an Extrovert Ideal?
      Soft Power: Asian-Americans and the Extrovert Idealp. 181
   How to Love, How to Work
      When Should You Act More Extroverted Than You Really Are?p. 205
      The Communication Gap: How to Talk to Members of the Opposite Typep. 224
      On Cobblers and Generals: How to Cultivate Quiet Kids in a World That Can't Hear Themp. 241
   Conclusion: Wonderlandp. 264
   A Note on the Dedicationp. 267
   A Note on the Words Introvert and Extrovertp. 269
   Acknowledgmentsp. 273
   Notesp. 277
   Indexp. 325